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313Stonebarn is the rock, stone, boulder sales division of Highland Hill Farm. 313Stonebarn is located on Rt 313, which is also known as West Swamp Road, Fountainville, Pa. 18923. We can help you with your stone needs as well as landscaping planning, plants and installation. In Fountainville, we have hundreds of acres of stock and product for your entire landscape needs. We have a growing operation in Milan Pa which has 1500 acres and a sales division and sales yard.

We sell quality palletized Pennsylvania Field Stone, Colonial (snapped edge Flag Stone) and various sizes of landscape stone, steps, creek stones, Flying X Ranch Rocks, etc. We also sell 5 pound boxes of Jade from Alaska and fossil rocks that we have collected..

We accept all major credit cards.

Trucking is available for full truck loads. Please contact us for freight prices. We will need to know about your location to be sure we can get our trucks in for delivery.

Most loads of wall stone Consists of 16 Pallets on a Flatbed Trailer Customers must have unloading capabilities. We also have a F550 to deliver smaller loads.

Most pallets weight approximately 3000 LBS. Half pallets are about 1500 LBS.

When Building a Wall 1 ton will stack around (15 cubic feet) Or (1 High X 1 Wide X 15 Long) Field Stone Prices

Creek Stone Prices

Special Stone Prices

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We have Topsoils and Bedding Soils
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Unusual Rocks From Milan Pa

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Plant Price List of Jan. 2006
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Berry Plants
Copper Beech Trees
Eastern Red Cedars
Deer Proof Plants
Evergreen Plugs
Dwarf Mugo Pines
False Cypress
Grow Cuttings
Japanese Maples
Landscaping Stones and Rocks
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Red Maples
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Arborvitae For Urban Landscapes
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Article on: Winter Gardening tips

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2. Do you want cheap - High Quality Nursery Stock?
Our fields are sold so our trees, plants, and shrubs must be liquidated. 30 acres must be emptied by June of 2008....

3. Do you want an ez to plant tree??
Digging a tree for your yard? Plant a White Pine. It easy to grow and durable.

4. American Arborvitae - Durable and easy to plant
Read about one of the best plants for your landscape...

5. Questions emailed to us and our answers to common problems.

6. Barter away your surplus for nursery stock
Tired of those surplus, unwanted items, things you stumble over in the garage? Trade them away for our nursery stock....We are serious about getting rid of our trees plants and shrubs...

7. Want Free Rocks?.....
Tired of paying for rocks and boulders... Go to our ranch and collect some....Bring us afew in return...Plus, there are things to do while at the ranch.

8. Help us Sell our Trees?.....
We are hiring part and full time for nursery sales....Or earn commissions for sending us customers......