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Highland Hill Farm Rock Challenge!!!

Sometimes people don't think they are gettin enough for their money...We have a stone solution. Bring your vehicle and load up all that it will haul for a flat fee. You load on to your truck, car, auto any amount. Go ahead...we challenge you. We have a pickins pile for you to load up at.....You won't get a creek....on on some mountain road...For directions to visit our 5275 West Swamp Road Farm in Fountainville for retail and wholesale purchases click Here

Price for a Pickup truck....$75
Price for an SUV............$35
Price for a car.............$25

This is our Pickins Pile for our Rock Challenge!!!

You Can Also Buy our Palletized Stone.....Reserve a Pallet of Milan Creekstones

Pallet of Milan Creek Rocks #001 - Is Still Available ...please Email Us to reserve it..

This Pallet of Creeks is available.


Milan Creekstones

Pallet of Milan Creek Stones #002 - Is Still Available ...please Email Us to reserve it..

This pallet of Creek Stones is available.


Milan Creekstones

Pallet of Milan Creek Stones #003 - Is Still Available ...please Email Us to reserve it..

Buy These Creek  Stones Now!!


An Unusual Milan PA Rock

Pallet of CreekStone #004- Is Still Available ...please Email Us to reserve it..

Call us or stop in to see our natural rock for landscape design, architects, landscaping nurseries, and construction contractors. We sell these by the individual rock, car load, trunk load, half pallet or full pallet. Prices range due to shipping costs. Call us at 215 651 8329 for a price. We can drop off these pallets or you can pick them up. We will also allow you to ship rocks here to us and we will hold them for your use and load and unload for you. If you can't do the work yourself, call our in house expert John Murray for design and instillation of your project.

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I need oils and lubs I will trade and barter with you...

Wanted a Quadcopter... I will trade and barter with you...

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