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Our Eastern Red Cedars

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We have Large and Small River Birch Trees!!! River Birch Trees

Highland Hill Farm Po. Box 517 Fountainville, PA 18923 215-345-0946

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    River Birch Trees

    When I was in the 8th grade I would go fishing along the Delaware River at night. I would camp along the river bank and fish into the wee hours of the night. I am always drifting back to those childhood memories when I pass a river birch tree that is highlighted by lights at night. The nigh time interest that this tree expresses can help capture moments for you.
    The main feature of this medium sized spreading tree is its colorful peeling bark. This builds up on the stem and main branches in soft curling layers of orange, pink, Grey and brown. Another great advantage of this species is its tolerance of wet soil and seasonal flooding making it an ideal pond or riverbank tree. Specimens often develop multiple stems which increases the attractiveness its shaggy bark. As an ornamental tree it also has bright green, toothed leaves and long yellow clusters of catkins in early spring. It will have a spreading root system that will check erosion. It is hardy and will seldom blow down. The plant is native to the eastern states from Massachusetts to Florida. The range continues along the Gulf of Mexico and into Texas.

    If you have had trouble planting a tree the River Birch is a choice that is easy to transplant. They are adaptable and grow fast. These trees do not seem to be bothered by the Bronzed Birch Borer which has killed off many White Birches used in urban landscapes.

    Prices on some of our birches (Not all sizes and types shown)
    Betula Nigra Dura Heat River Birch 6-8' clump $125.00 8-10' clump $150.00
    Betula Nigra Heritage River Birch Clump 6-8' clump $150.00 8-10' clump $175.00
    We have as of 10/28/2006 800 12-18" seedlings @ $2.00 ea.
    and 1250 !8-24" seedlings @ $3.00 ea.
    There are over 5000+ trees ready for you at our Doylestown Pa nursery. These include small seedlings and trees that range to up to 4" in caliber. Please note that the 4" caliper birches are "Heritage River Birches" and these separate the men from the boys. I want to remain a boy all my life. The 4" trees are huge and it takes a crew of at least 4 or 5 people to install one. These trees are the largest that we can handle and there are a few out in the rows that will need a digger larger than what our capacities enable us to dig. We can arrange for one of our sub contractors to dig and install if needed. InventoryRiver Birch Trees in the field in winter
    These are our Heritage River Clumps being dug. These are 1.5-2inch clumps. We sell these clumps birches for $75 ea.

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    Highland Hill Farm welcomes you to our store for the purchase trees, plants, and shrubs. Order seedlings, shrubs, or large trees from us. Call us to discuss your plant needs. We help the beginners to find the best seedlings and plants. we offer advice on types to buy for those who want to start to grow nursery stock. On our farms we raise and sell nursery stock from seedlings to large caliber trees. We also offer information on the web ABOUT SEEDLINGS , and how to CARE for seedlings and nursery stock. If you buy your seedling from us you will have access to the free use of our planters. We have three types available for use and have had years of experience in planting seedlings. Our PLANTING EQUIPMENT is located in Doylestown and Milan Pa. We are dedicated to helping you with your plant needs. You will find ARTICLES we have written to help you and explain how we do what we do. We will be glad to assist you. We welcome everyone to come to our farm, if we have time we will give you a tour and show you how we built up our nursery. There are no trade secrets to our operation and we feel that in helping you we will become sharper ourselves. Our phone number is 215 651 8329.

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