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Video...About Our Nursery in Fountainville Pa

Our Most Popular Plants!!!

Video...Arborvitae Green Giant Our 3ft Plants We Deliver and Plant
Video ...Arborvitae Emerald Greens 3Ft Del/Planted for $35
Video...Our 30-36" Leyland Cypress Trees
Video...Our Large Green Giant Arborvitae
Video...Green Giant Arborvitae Screen Just Planted
Video...Our Evergreens We supply in Bulk
Video...Harry Lauder Walking Sticks
Video...Potting Green Giant Liners
Video...Some of our Ornamental Shrubs
Video...Some of our Japanese Garden Junipers

Shade Trees

Video...See A Red Maple being Balled and Burlapped
Our Paperbark Maples at Highland Hill Farm
Video ...Hemlock Trees
Video...Sycamores, Zelkovas and Dawn Redwoods
Video... Lilac Trees
Constellation Dowoods Blooming in Mid May
Video....Leylands and Japanese Maples
Video...Foliage of Leyland Cypress Trees
Video..Crimson Queen Japanese Maples
Video..Red Leafed Japanese Maples
Video ...Heritage River Birches
Video ...About Our River Birch Trees
Video...Deer Resistant Plants
Video...Our Spiral Plants
Video...Weeping Copper Beech Trees .... a Deer Resistant Plant
Video of White Pines 6ft Tall...American Hornbeam...Norway Spruce
Video Sunset Red Maples to be Dug
Video of some of our Magnolias
Video of some of our Lilacs and Dogwoods
Video of some of our Potted Fruit Trees and Bushes For Fruit Producing


Video...Our Large Green Mountain Boxwood
Video...Our Boxwood Selections
Video...Winterberry Holly In Winter
Video Witchhazel Hybrids 'Jelena', 'Diane' and 'Arnold Promise'
Video of about Dragon Lady Hollies.
Video of about Grasses at Highland Hill Farm.
Video of about Common Lilacs at Highland Hill Farm.
Video of about Shasta Viburnums and Common Lilacs at Highland Hill Farm.
Video of some of our Potted Viburnums
Video of some of our Potted Diane and Pallida Witchhazels
Video of some of our Potted Crippsi Hinoki Falsecypresses
Video of some of our Potted Chamaecyparis Gold Mop Cypresses
Video of Our Lilacs
See Our Skip Laurels Video
Video ....Our Liriope
Our Dwarf Alberta Spruces at Highland Hill Farm
Our Arrowwood and Cranberry Viburnums
Our Large Cranberry Viburnums
Our Walking Sticks
Nishiki Willows


Our 5 ft Green Giant Arborvitae
Red Cedar Virescens
Our Nigra Arborvitae
Our Fast Growing Screens
Our Deck Plants and Screens
Video Spring Grove 5-6 ft Arborvitae
Video ..Western Red Cedar 'Bald Hill'
Video ...Arborvitae Under Snow Load
Video...Arborvitae Blocking A Major Road
Video...Arborvitae 1gal vs 3gal Green Giants
Video... Why The Green Giant is the Best Tree in the World
Video...Deer Resistant Arborvitae
Video of about Green Giants and how we dig them.
See Our Spring Grove Arborvitae VS the Green Giant Arborvitae
3 ft Green Giant Arborvitae at Highland Hill Farm
5 ft Green Giant Arborvitae at Highland Hill Farm
Our Large Green Giant Arborvitae at Highland Hill Farm
Our 7 to 8 ft Green Giant Arborvitae at Highland Hill Farm
Steads Hollies and Green Giant Arborvitae at Highland Hill Farm

Small Field Ready Stock and Liners

Video of our Cheap Screening Plants....Arborvitae and Cypresses
Video of our Outside Liners
Video Inside Greenhouse #1
See Inventory In Our Green Houses on Video
Video of more outside liners
Video..Hemlock, Green Giant and Zebrina Liners
Video of Our Erie Viburnum Liners
Video...Deer Resistant Arborvitae

Digging and Planting At the Farm

Video...Tree Digging Equipment
Video ....White Pine Transplants Being Planted
Seedling Storage in Field While Transplanting
View of Field While Transplanting White Pine Seedlings
Video ....White Pine Transplants Being Planted
Video How We Transplant Thousands of Pine Trees in a Day
Video...Arborvitae Digging Equipment
Video...Arborvitae Digging a 5FT Green Giant


Video About April 2008 at Highland Hill Farm
Video...Tagging Birch Trees For Digging
Video...River Birches We Will Deliver
Video Checking For Rabbit Damage in Our Field Grown Nursery Stock
Video About Our Spurce and Pine Trees
Video..Large Trees and Shrubs Used To Screen A Road
Video About Recycling and Trash Picking
Video Drip Irrigation We Recommend
Video Drip Irrigation Setting It Up In Our Nursery
Video How We Connected Our Well
Video... What B&B Means
About Carriage Hill and Highland Hill Farm
Possible Ambrosia Beetle Damage at Highland Hill Farm
How we tie up a River Birch Tree at Highland Hill Farm
How We Caught a Snapping Turtle at Highland Hill Farm
Cattails We Sell at Highland Hill Farm
Our Delivery Trucks at Highland Hill Farm
Nursery Tour in Mid May
See How We Water Our Trees and Shrubs at Highland Hill Farm
Call us or stop in to see our natural rock for landscape design, architects, landscaping nurseries, and construction contractors. We sell these by the individual rock, car load, trunk load, half pallet or full pallet. Prices range due to shipping costs. Call us at 215 651 8329 for a price. We can drop off these pallets or you can pick them up. We will also allow you to ship rocks here to us and we will hold them for your use and load and unload for you. If you can't do the work yourself, call us at 215 768 9229 for help and suggestions from James Hirst our landscape designer.

Field Stone Prices

Creek Stone Prices


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